It is much more fun being on the water. Let us help you keep your boat ready to go. Coastal Marine offers everything from detailing to installation to regular maintenance to engine overhauls. Our Yamaha Certified technicians have decades in servicing boats.

Coastal Marine Service Pricing:

Shop Labor Rate                             $90/per hr

Mobile Weekday Rate                    $125/per hr

Bottom Paint (Virgin)                       $75/per ft

Block & Pressure Wash                  $15/per ft

25hr or 100hr Service                               $180 (single engine)*

100hr Service                                $270 (twin engine)*

Please call for other services

* = plus parts

Call us for a quote 757-464-4600


Single Engine                                                            $330.00 + parts

Twin Engines                                                             $420.00 + parts


  • 100 Hr Engine Service (full synthetic oil, lube, filters, engine inspection)

  • Drain Fresh Water Systems

  • Add Antifreeze to Fresh Water Systems

  • Stabilize Fuel

  • Fog Engine

  • Disconnect Batteries

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Boat Trailer Procedures:

Boat trailers are rated for weight and length but are not customized to each individual boat manufacturer and model specifications. There are a few things that must be done to your trailer in order to properly and safely tow your boat. 


Balance & Rig Trailer:                                                            $180.00

            Move bunks to your boat’s specifications

            Set your boat onto trailer

            Level w/ boat for alignment(vehicle ball height)        

            Calculated and properly balance tongue weight


Other Considerations: 

Adapter 7 Round to 5 Flat                                                      $23.99

Transom Straps PRO SERIES 2INX6' 2PK                              $46.39

Transom Straps PRO SERIES 2INX6' 2PK                              $38.09

Spare Tire Carrier fits 4,5&6 lug

        wheels up to3X5 tongues                                               $39.00

Tire ST225/75R14 LRD 6H Rainier Galv.                             $140.00

Spare Parts:

Light Kit Installation (plus parts)                                           $45.00

LED Tailight Left Kit                                                                  $27.50

LED Taillight Right Kit                                                               $25.99