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Things to do during Covid 19 Quarantine

Virginia Boating Safety Course: FREE online

Are you looking for something to do during the Covid 19 quarantine? Boat US has an online course for Virginia. It is approved by the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries…and it is FREE.

Whether you are going to start boating soon or thinking of boating in the future, this is the perfect time to complete the Boater’s Safety Course. Even if you are just curious or that studious person that likes to learn new things and be certified. Even this is a serious course – you could make a fun “game” among your family and friends to obtain the highest passing score. This is a great way to exercise your mind while staying inside to help flatten the curve of Covid 19.

The online course takes between 4-6 hours. It does not have to be completed in one sitting and can be accessed on almost any device with internet. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate. This card must be on your person when boating in Virginia and other states that require a NASBLA approved card.

Who can take this course?

“All PWC operators age 14 and older and all operators (regardless of age) of motorboats with a 10 hp or greater engine need to take a boating safety course. In 2007, the Virginia General Assembly enacted a law to establish a boating safety education compliance requirement.” (

Why do I need to take this course?

You must have a DGIF or NASBLA approved Boater’s Safety Card to operate a boat or personal watercraft (PWC) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is necessary for anyone age 14 and older operating a boat with a 10 horsepower engine or greater. There are a few exceptions and can be found on the DGIF website (see above link).

There are over 250,000 registered motorboats in Virginia. Recreational boating continues to grow due to it being an accessible recreational activity for families and individuals. The course covers the “rules of the waterways” which will help keep everyone safe through knowledge. The more boater safety knowledge we have the more likely we can decrease any risk to boating accidents and property damage.

Where can I take a Virginia DGIF Approved Boater Safety Course online?

There are a few websites that have the approved course. The one Coastal Marine Sales & Services recommends is FREE and on the Boat US website.

The course consists of 6 lessons each with a 10 question quiz. The Final Exam consists of 75 randomly pulled questions.

Once you’ve successfully completed the DGIF Boater’s Safety course, the certificate is good for a lifetime. Now you are ready to boat!

Are you wanting to get on the water but would like hands on training?

Contact Coastal Marine Sales & Services at 757-464-4600 or email us at

Our certified trainers can provide hand on training on the water…on your boat or ours.

Stay safe and Healthy. Help flatten the curve of Covid 19.

Here's to Happy Safe Boating!

Have you successfully completed the course and lost your card?

There are a couple of ways of obtaining a copy of your lost card.

If you took the course prior to August 1, 2010 you can call 1800-245-2628 or click here if you know which course you took

If you know the course was in Virginia you can also use I Lost My Card by clicking here

Happy Safe Boating!

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