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Rockfish Season 2019 is Here!

It is that time of year again here in the lower Chesapeake Bay. Rockfish are a fun and delicious fish to catch. The regulations have been changed...

Striper, Striped Bass, or Rockfish

The stripes on Rockfish runs from head to tail; the stripes on Stripers runs from tail to head LOL It is mainly a regional choice but all the names refer to Striped Bass. What's in a name? Actually they are all correct names for the Morone saxatilis.

New Regulations for 2019

The new regulations have been created to help the struggling Striped Bass population. This past August the Virginia Marine Resources Commission approved the new lower limits.

Fall Recreational Striper Season in the lower Chesapeake is Oct 4 thru Dec 31, 2019, inclusive

One Rockfish may be kept per licensed fishing person in a 24 hour period*

Rockfish must be at least 20" but not more than 28" in total length

No one can keep any Striper that is tagged with a fluorescent green Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) tag.

When fishing from a boat the limit is counted 1 times the number of licensed fisher on the boat. The captain is held responsible

For more on the new fishing regulations go to Virginia Marine Resource Commission's website

*The 24 hr period runs from 12:00 midnight to 11:58pm every day

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